GitHub’s AI-powered coding chatbot is now available for individuals 2024

GitHub’s AI-powered

GitHub’s AI-Powered Coding Chatbot Lands for Individuals: Your Coding Copilot Arrives! Get ready, developers! GitHub’s Copilot Chat, the AI–powered programming assistant, is now officially available for individual users. This means you can harness the power of natural language processing (NLP) to boost your coding efficiency, learn new skills, and debug faster – all within your … Read more

Artificial Intelligence “Exciting, Scary” Threat And Opportunity For Journalists: Study 2024

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe? Unveiling the “Exciting, Scary” Impact on Journalists The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked much debate across industries, and journalism is no exception. A recent study by the London School of Economics’s JournalismAI initiative paints a complex picture, highlighting both the exciting opportunities and potential threats that AI poses … Read more

Microsoft AI vision will lay out for Windows and more at special event, leaked memo says 2024

Microsoft AI

Microsoft AI Ambitions Take Center Stage: Unveiling the Future at a Special Event Get ready for a glimpse into the future, as Microsoft gears up to showcase its grand vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration across its products, including Windows, at a much-anticipated special event. Whispers of this exciting development surfaced thanks to a leaked … Read more

Meta AI assistant, dozens of AI characters and AI stickers, come to WhatsApp, Instagram Powerful in2024

Meta AI assistant

Get Ready to Chat with Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast: Meta AI Assistant Invades WhatsApp & Instagram with Celebrity AI Squad Calling all chatbot enthusiasts and social media mavens! Meta has dropped a digital bombshell that’s set to revolutionize your messaging game. Their AI assistant(te-ai) is no longer just a lonely helper in the shadows … Read more

A Fictional Psychological Thriller about the Rise of AI in 2024

Fictional Psychological Thriller

Scientists vs. Machines A psychological thriller for the AI age The MANIAC The Silicon Doppelganger: A Fictional Psychological Thriller Where Humanity Hangs in the Balance Imagine staring into your own eyes, but seeing a cold, calculating intelligence behind them. This is the unsettling premise of “The Silicon Doppelganger,” a psychological thriller that will have you … Read more

AI voice : Robin Williams Daughter Zelda Criticizes Using AI to Recreate His voice – The Hollywood Reporter 2023

Robin Williams Daughter Zelda Criticizes Using AI to Recreate His Voice

Robin Williams daughter Zelda Williams In a recent statement, Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, spoke out against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate her father’s voice. She wrote that she finds such re-creations to be “personally disturbing,” and that they have the potential to be used in ways that are harmful to artists … Read more

AI artificial human brain Identifies Brain Signals Associated With Recovering From Depression : NEW AI 2023

AI Identifies Brain Signals Associated With Recovering From Depression

AI artificial human brain Identifies brain Signals Associated With Recovering From Depression. Depression is a common and debilitating mental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Although there are effective treatments available, many people with depression do not respond to medication or therapy. This is why there is a great need for new treatments for … Read more

Google’s Pixel 8 launch event promises AI-powered innovation: Report

Google's Pixel 8

Launch Event Promises AI-Powered Innovation Google’s annual Made By Google launch event is set to take place on October 4th, where the tech giant is expected to unveil its highly anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. While Google has yet to share any official details, leaks and rumors have given us a glimpse … Read more

The Pixel 8 is Google’s best opportunity to bring its AI ideas together

The Pixel 8 is Google’s best opportunity

Google is betting heavily on AI to push the Pixel 8 Google is betting heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) to push the Pixel 8. The company has been investing heavily in AI in recent years, and the Pixel 8 is expected to showcase some of the company’s latest advancements in this area. AI-powered features The … Read more

Google Bard AI can now generate images, New Updates 2024 9 New Meta AI Experiences Across Our Family of Apps and Devices